Wednesday, November 08, 2006

WCET 4 - Learner Authentication

I went to a presentation at WCET on authenticating learners -- follow this link to a blog with a good summary of that presentation:

It was more than a little creepy as far as I was concerned and I am not sure it would stop any really determined cheaters. I think I still fall into the group of people who would use pedagogy as a way to deter cheaters (ie designing assignments for group work, written assignments with many steps, etc.)

I'd love feedback from you on how critical this issue is and how you would choose to solve it.


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Lisa Cheney-Steen said...

I have had numerous thoughtful comments on this issue. Most of you appear to fall into the more moderate camp of "yes, learner authenticity is a problem, but online learning shouldn't be held to a higher standard than classroom courses."

So far no one has the single perfect solution, but rather suggest a variety of solutions for every class -- minimize the use of high-stakes testing, which exacerbates this sort of problem, and focus on assessments such as labs that are less likely to encourage cheating.

Thanks for all of the feedback!