Monday, November 06, 2006

WCET Conference Part 3

More summary from the WCET conference:

In the box:

  • delivering courses through a commercial course management system
  • courses as silos
  • utilizing publishers for the majority of course content
Out of the box:
  • social authoring software for course delivery and creation
  • content aggregated from a variety of sources
Web 2.0, the read-write web was a hot topic. We will have a many decisions to make over the next couple of years about how we want to create and deliver courses and how Web 2.0 will impact our decisions.

Forgot to ask you at the end of yesterday's post -- can anyone who looks at and let me know if you think faculty and students would use something like this as a student union sort of space. We'd probably move the faculty lounges there, the blogs, etc.

And don't forget to look/post on the faculty wiki --


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