Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday's Vista Update

Hello Everyone-

I had hoped to have actual news for all of you teaching in Vista this semester, but I really don't. The rogue querie has been quiet for 4 days now. BB is in the process of testing a functional index (no, I don't knwo what that is really. :^)) to improve performance. We may apply that fix in the next couple of days.

Plan B is to shut down and restart the system whenever the querie brings everything to a halt. That process will take about an hour. Of course shutting the system down kicks everyone out and causes loss of data. In order to avoid data loss please be sure you save any long projects (for example, compose long emails or discussion posts inyour word processing software and copy and paste to Vista.) So far the only way we have to warn people of an impending shut down is to email them externally. That will not be particularly useful, so the real warning will be the very slow system response time.

The best solution still appears to be the upgrade to application pack 1 and service pack 1. Unfortunately the time estimate for that upgrade has increased to a minimum of 48 hours, so we do not plan to do that until after the semester has ended.

Are you all having a good time yet?


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