Friday, January 19, 2007

5 Things -- Contest

For all of you who have been avidly waiting for the latest 5 Things posts I have a contest. The first two faculty who correctly match the picture of the pet to the CCCOnline staff person will receive a limited edition CCCOnline baseball cap!

These are the ultra-cool caps that you may have admired in this year's staff Christmas picture. You won't find them at your local Wal-mart; they are available only through Rhonda and me.

So here are the pictures:

And here are your choices: John, Roxanne, Deb, and Randy. (One pet-free person).

First 2 faculty to email me with correct matches win! Remember you can go to the actual blog to review the posts if you need to.




Lisa Cheney-Steen said...

Jayne gets the first hat!


Lisa Cheney-Steen said...

And Vanessa Dahn of Psych and Soc is our second hat winner.

If oyu don't know the answers go to the blog at