Monday, January 08, 2007

Five Things - Randy

Hi Everyone-

I had planned to move on to Roxanne today, but I am ready with Randy instead. Randy is CCCOnline's Faculty Coordinator which means he is the one that makes sure you get paid. That has been particularly challenging lately as we gradually move systems from the old HR and finance systems to the new Banner modules. Randy also looks after a lot of the office functions, from keeping track of the Christmas tree to making bringing in gourmet food for some of our meetings. And on the side Randy teaches music classes for us. Randy has been with CCCOnline from day 1; he came over from CCD.

Here are Randy's 5 things:

  1. Still waters run deep – I’m a very complex person. However, my bark is worse than my bite!
  2. “Ich bin ein Musicker” (Gustav Mahler). Although my graduate degree is in Public Administration, music is my first love. I have been on the music staff of First Mennonite Church in Denver for about ten years and regularly perform in other venues as well. I’ve also been a Music Director for a summer stock Vaudeville Dinner Theatre and founded a couple of Broadway Revue groups.
  3. One goal in life is to build a “green” adobe house (anywhere far, far away from the city) when I retire. I would like to be able to provide scholarships to a couple of students from Mexico for the Red Rocks Online Construction program in exchange for help in building my house. Of course once that is complete I would like to tour National Parks/Senior Resorts as part of a two-piano duo.
  4. Woodworking is something that I enjoy even though it’s not a very salubrious pastime for a pianist. I do have two former piano teachers that run all over heaven summoning my guardian angels whenever I get near a table saw or other power tools.
  5. In my life before state government I spent a great deal of time in the restaurant industry. I cooked my way through my undergraduate and first graduate programs. For fifteen years I worked for one of the top caterers in the U.S. - some of the people I worked for were Presidents Reagan and Clinton, Governor Romer, Mayors Pena and Webb, Supreme Court Justices White and O’Conner, Representative Schroeder, Senator Campbell, many well-known personalities as well as most major corporate heads in the Denver area. $100,000+ weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs were the norm.
And of course almost everyone at CCCOnline has a pet or two, here are Randy's dogs:

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