Friday, January 05, 2007

Five Things

Hi All-

I've watched quite a few bloggers play "Five Things" with each other and their readers. It's been interesting learning things I didn't know about bloggers I read regularly, so I thought you might enjoy reading five things about some of the CCCOnline personnel you interact with now and then. Let's start with the student services staff:

John Schmahl is our Director of Student Services. He oversees the student services department, is our data guru, our Banner expert, and has been with CCCOnline almost since day one.

Here are five things he thought you might like to know:

1. Born in Toul, France in 1965, but raised in Colorado Springs.
2. Undergrad work at Ripon College, Ripon, WI (politics and government), grad work at at George Washington University (MA in Educational and Human Development with an emphasis in Educational Technology Leadership - try fitting that onto a business card.)
3. Spent 8 years with the Army and Army Reserve, inclouding time during operations Just Cause (Panama invasion) and Desert Storm.
4. Loves to read history and politics and spend weekends camping in the mountains (my infantry training hooked me!
5. Have a wonderful cat (Tonka) and a wonderful, if slightly senile, Basenji (Niki).

Here's a picture of Niki. :^)

Next week we will all learn five things about Roxanne Manske!

Happy snow days again!


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