Wednesday, January 17, 2007

5 Things - Deb

So did you think I forgot Deb? It's just that it has been an .... interesting.... few days. Apparently Vista and Banner are holding a contest for causing the most challenges for the Academic Technology crew (who wants to delete old users?), student services (did we tell you Banner decided not to let Roxanne create sections for awhile?), the design team (why bother to copy courses anyway? And who needs a build tab?) and pretty much everyone else......

I think everything is finally under control again for the new term (other than Louis and Aaron rebuilding MAT 121 for the 4th or 5th time). We are going to start on time with all classes ready to go and all students ready to learn with textbook in hand. :^)

So Deb ---

Deb Michel is the student support desk. She just spent the past few weeks working very closely with Jonathan Fuller (webmaster) developing a new student services website in wiki format ( She spends most of her time working with students, researching their problems, walking them through our processes and the technical challenges we offer them. It's a very tough job, particularly the first week of each term!

Here's Deb:

1. I was born in Inglewood, CA, transplanted to Kalispell, Montana at age 14 and escaped from there at age 21.

2. I graduated at the top of my class from Trend Business College (WA) - emphasis on Business.

3. I have two grown daughters and six grandchildren (yes, I’m a very young grandma).

4. I currently have no pets other than my husband’s cockatiel (the bird and I are NOT friends - some sort of weird jealousy issues on the bird’s part).

5. My paternal grandfather was from Greece and my paternal grandmother was from Russia. My maternal grandmother was a 6th cousin to Sir Anthony Eden (at one time Prime Minister of England) and the Duke of Orange was an ancestor (we don’t talk about him though) and my maternal grandfather’s family was German and Scottish. Guess that makes me a “Heinz 57.”

And that's it for the student support team!


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