Friday, January 19, 2007

Class Rosters/1st Day Check

Hi Everyone-

As you may know you can't see your student's external email addresses in Vista and it can be challenging to see who is and is not enrolled in the course. To solve those issues Frank Vazquez has developed an external website for you to use to collect that information. The URL is

You should be able to login there using your S# and standard password beginning at 4:00 this afternoon. (Before that we won't have students or faculty loaded). The roster view is very similar to the Banner roster view you see if you happen to be teaching for one of the colleges also.

There is also a button to allow you to easily download all student email addresses.

If you have any problems using this tool please email Rick Hadley at


I've gotten a few questions about the first day check for schedule dates and syllabus updates (instructor contact information). We do understand that some of you received your classes fairly late. Please don't worry that we will penalize you for being a little behind on schedule dates when we got you the course shell late. While we do still expect you to have updated everything before classes begin Monday, that is all we expect. :^)


Classes begin Monday at noon. John Schmahl just sent login directions out to students, so they should be ready to go. Good luck with the new semester!



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