Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome Back! Happy New Year!

So did any of you feel like this about half way into the second snowstorm? :^)

We actually had a lovely Christmas and New Year and were even able to get out of the driveway once between storms and briefly yesterday. Today the county decided to plow the road again, so we're probably stuck now. (Yep, that is one of our dogs... I would have uploaded the picture of my hubby, but it was really scary.)

I thought having to stay home for nearly two weeks would leave me with lots of accomplishments, but it turns out all I do when snowed in is play games with the girls and drink a lot of hot chocolate. I did knit a pair of baby socks for my sister who is having a turning 40 crisis.

I think I forgot to send all of you the link to the student evaluations from last semester, so here is the email from our guru of surveys, Rick Hadley. You use your old login information to access your results (not the new S# and P/W). We'll change that for the spring term. Please email Rick if you can't remember your old login information at Rick.Hadley@cccs.edu.

After a tangle or two...

The survey is up and running and available for viewing at the following URL:


Rick Hadley
Academic Technology Professional

Happy New Year Everyone!

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