Monday, January 22, 2007

Spring Semester Begins!

Hi Everyone!

Spring 1 is off to a great start! The student services team has received very few calls and emails this afternoon (less than 75).
Enrollment is down today when compared to this date last year:

Executive Summary
200730 - Spring 2007
1/22/2007 First Day Session 1
Comparison Ses 1 Ses 2 Total
Total enrollments this date last year 9,003 2,050 11,053
Total enrollments this date this year 8,309 2,020 10,329
Percent difference -7.71% -1.46% -6.55%

Total credit hours this date last year
30,243 6,403 36,646
Total credit hours this date this year 28,125 6,260 34,385
Percent difference -7.00% -2.23% -6.17%

That isn't a huge decline and if you can hold drops to 12% we will be up just a little at census day. We also are continuing to enroll for spring 2 and expect to make up some ground there.

We seem to have an odd problem in some of the announcements in Vista -- instead of a pretty announcement some of you are seeing html coding pop-up for students. We haven't figured out what is causing that yet, more news when we do. For now, if you want to correct it you have to delete that announcement at re-do it.


Have a great semester!


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