Monday, January 08, 2007

Do You Have a Rubric to Share?

So many of the CCCOnline Faculty have great instructional practices, including the use of rubrics. To that end, this post is a request on behalf of Beck Mangin and Beth Kitts who are devleoping a rubric workshop for CCCOnline faculty development:

“Becky Mangin and Beth Kitts are writing a workshop on the use of scoring and feedback rubrics. If you have an exemplary rubric that you would like to share with other faculty, please send it to Becky Mangin at ASAP as well as a statement for permission of use. Please include one- two paragraphs about why and how you use the rubric. Thank you, Becky Mangin”


"Share what you know, it's like throwing stars into the night sky."--Mitch Albom

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