Monday, January 08, 2007

Welcome Back to Profhelp!

To the left you see Dinah Kennedy, otherwise known as "ProfHelp" and her husband Jim. From Dinah:

ProfHelp for Faculty Teaching in VISTA:

The good news is that this spring semester many of you are now teaching in VISTA for the second time and you can once again go to ProfHelp for assistance. (And of course, the few faculty who are still teaching CE classes can still go to ProfHelp too.)

Remember also that many problems can be solved by referring to the "WebCT Vista FAQ's" page of the Faculty Wiki ( If you've looked on the Wiki but haven't been able to find the info you need, ProfHelp will guide you to the links there which hold your answers; or ProfHelp will provide infomation and instructions if the Wiki doesn't hold your answers.

For example, if you want to edit/change some quiz questions then ProfHelp will help you find how-to's on the Wiki for changing quiz questions and walk you through the process of changing the questions. In this example, you would go to the "WebCT Vista FAQ's" page (
), click the link to "Assessments Tool", and then click "Changing A Quiz Question In A Database".

Here's how ProfHelp will assist when the help you need is not available on the Wiki:
  1. ProfHelp will iprovide individual instruction on how to solve your problem - particularly those problems which fall under content covered in the VISTA professional training classes faculty have taken. For example: If you want to delete some questions from quizzes, ProfHelp will provide instructions on how to do that - since these instructions are not currently on the Wiki nor in the training classes.
    1. In rare cases, you may need help with minor course design issues such as a table in the Syllabus which contains outdated code that can't be edited or updated in the normal manner. In these cases, ProfHelp will fix the issue for you since you probably won't need to know how to do that a second time.
    2. If you are having major course design issues beyond the scope of ProfHelp assistance, we will refer you to the Design Team for assistance.
  2. ProfHelp will sometimes refer you to another resource person if we cannot assist with your issue. For example: If you are having a technical problem that is an true bug in the system (meaning something more than human error) then ProfHelp will refer you to the Academic Tech (AT) Department for assistance.
  3. If one of your students is having a technical problem outside the realm of what you can address in the course, then ProfHelp will typically advise you to refer them to Deb Michel (Student Support Desk) or Roxanne Manske (Registrar's Office), whichever is appropriate.
Remember, ProfHelp is on the job Monday through Friday. (Also on the first weekend before a semester starts). We respond to requests in 24 hours or less on those days (usually less than 24 hours). So if you send a request for assistance but don't hear back quickly, please resend it, since occasionally requests fail to arrive in our inbox. Enjoy your semester, and contact us at if you need us.

Dinah Kennedy / ProfHelp

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