Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year from CCCOnline Staff

At long last -- the CCCOnline staff holiday picture! In the back from left to right you see Aaron Leonard, Alice Bedard-Voorhees, Jonathan Fuller, Linda Shaw, John Schmahl, David Chatham, Cheryl Comstock, Roxanne Manske, Mary Cash, Karen Kaemmerling. In front you see Rick Hadley, Judy Patrick (now retired), Kathy Miles, me, Rhonda Epper, Donna Welschmeyer, Carol Verver (just barely visible), and Beth Kitts. We are missing Deb Michel, Randy Macy, and Frank Vazquez, but otherwise all office staff is in the picture.

Here's Frank, because I took a picture of him awhile ago:

And here's Deb on another day also:


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