Thursday, February 08, 2007

5 Things - Designers - Beth

Beth is our flash programmer - the person you call whenever you want to design something interactive for your course (don't forget we actually pay for interactive activities, so talk to your chair if you have ideas along those lines.) Beth is incredibly creative and loves helping faculty take ideas from the vague thought stage to reality.

This is Beth:
I'm a triplet - hard to believe there are two others just like me. (Really, I'm the black sheep).

I'm a fishing fool - love to be on the river and my favorite summer past time is catching night crawlers.

I love solar energy. I catch it for everything - solar heat, solar water - my son even made a solar hotdog cooker. Next on the agenda - rig up something that will melt this ice.

I love camping - all year round. Survived last year's Fraser campout at minus 22 degrees.

Favorite stores - hardware store and quilting stores...that's right. I love designing and creating quilts. :)


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