Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New (and Old) Professional Development Workshops

CCCOnline introduces new Training Sessions!

Want to improve your teaching techniques or learn new technology skills? Join us for our new series of online training sessions beginning in March.
See for descriptions, dates and registration.

Please join us! If you have any questions, please contact Phyllis Dobson, Training Director at

Software Training
  • Respondus: Create, import or edit tests to upload into your Vista course.
  • StudyMate: Create Flash-type activities for your course such as flash cards and other games.
Best Teaching Practices
  • Mapping Your Course: Have you lost your way in your course? Learn how to identify all the pieces of your course and match them to required competencies.
  • Teaching with Style: Each one of your students has a dominant learning style, which might not match your individual teaching style. Identify different learning styles and design different assignments to match those diverse styles.
Online Teaching Techniques with Vista tools
  • Writing Performance Objectives: Review the elements of performance objectives so that your students understand the purpose and desired outcome of a unit or assignment. Use the Goals tool in Vista to enter your objectives and match assignments and assessments to these objectives. Objectives are also part of a course map.
  • Creating Rubrics: Learn to write grading rubrics for specific assignments or sections of your course. Use the Grading Forms tool in Vista to set up a rubric for assignments and grade those assignments from that grading form. Rubrics are also part of a course map.
  • Creating Virtual Teams: Learn more about using the group management tools in Vista to facilitate collaborative learning. This training session combines theory, best practices and technology.
Oldies but Goodies
  • Measuring What Matters: Learn about assessment techniques and practices in an online environment.
  • Managing Discussions: Discussions are an important part of the online course. Learn and share with your colleagues best practices in facilitating the online classroom.
  • Vista Next Steps: This session is for faculty who have experience in teaching with Vista and will provide practice in using the more complex design and teach tools in Vista.
Now don't you think this person (cheeshead) has a lot to teach you about teaching?

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