Wednesday, February 14, 2007

5 Things - Designers - Aaron

Today I'd like to introduce you to Aaron Leonard, also a member of the CCCOnline Design Team. Aaron is one of the best idea guys in the office (which in our office is saying quite a lot) and if you suddenly need a great graphic to teach some oddball concept he's probably your best option.

Aaron's 5 Things:
1. Fun (or funny) jobs I've had: corn detasseler, sales associate at a toy store, on-air personality (DJ) at a country radio station, photographer for a heavy metal band. I also worked in the kitchen of a “retirement village” for one night, but I burned my hands in the industrial dishwasher and they told me not to come back. But my favorite jobs have been in education.
2. I have degrees in English and Graphic Design. I've been working in the Graphic and Web Design fields for over 12 years. Some cool stuff I've been involved in: designing collateral for the New Jersey Nanotechnology Consortium and learning more than I ever thought I could know about nanotechnology and working on the website for Incyte Genomics, a large company that did genetics research and work on the human genome – another eye opening experience. I received the graphic design degree after being in the industry, so it wasn't as difficult as it could have been. I have also been speaking English all my life but, try as I might, they wouldn't give me an English degree just for that. I'm working on a Master's in Graphic Design right now – online through the Savannah College of Art and Design.
3. I love technology and design. I don't always need the latest and greatest, but I certainly like to know about it. If there's something new out there that can do something cool, I'm all in :) And when there are educational applications for that technology, that makes it so much better. I still do graphic design projects just for fun. If I have a few free minutes, chances are I'll be working on a desktop wallpaper or a new website or a logo. I love design and I do it for fun and for work. How great is it when you can get paid for doing what you love? Bringing design, technology and education together is just a passion for me.
4. Voracious reader of anything by Christopher Moore, Matt Ruff, and Michael Connelly, but my two children make sure that I read plenty of stories involving wild things and Curious George. I also like to read books on typography, instructional design, graphic design, etc.
5. My wife, Kristina, is a college instructor. She teaches for several different schools including CCCOnline. My daughter, Katie, is four and my son, Liam, is 2½. Also, I know more about My Little Pony than any grown man (albeit one with a 4-year-old daughter) should be allowed. (Lisa's side note -- Aaron, My 14 year old daughter wants to have a My Little Pony birthday party this year, so you may have a long road to go with the pastel ponies....)


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