Wednesday, February 07, 2007

5 Things - Designers - Cheryl

I bet many of you have already met Cheryl (on the left in both of these picures), but there may be things here you do't know about her. She was just here enthusing about Second Life and various reading she has been doing about using games and simulations in education, so be prepared for more exciting educational applications here at CCCOnline!

Cheryl's 5 things:
1. Like to snowshoe in the winter with mom and friends whenever possible With all the recent snow, it should be a most favorable season. Our favorite place to go is up the Poudre Canyon, where I spent much of my youth.

2. Motorcycles and girls rule! I have always enjoyed the freedom this sport has brought to my life, and often wonder how much money I have saved by riding instead of visiting the psychiatrists couch (Okay, I like Harley's and Indians, so I may be breaking even on that choice). More of my girlfriends are riding these days and hope to join up for an all girls trip this coming Summer.

3. I have a wonderful companion, Johnny. We have no children but a most beautiful cat daughter, Jesse (I dream of some day having a puppy). Jesse is more enthused with dad's earplugs than any other toy in the world (with exception of course the occasional field mouse and birds that try to sneak in the house when I'm napping). As you can see, she is also well-versed in WebCT.

4. I'm SUPER excited that I will have my Master's degree in Educational Technology at the end of Fall 2007. While it has been a long road to the top of the mountain, I have met some of the most interesting people in my life and gained many new friendships during the ascent. I'm not planning on another degree, but I am committed to being a life-long learner.

5. Although I haven't had the opportunity to travel much in my life, Victoria, B.C., Canada is one of the most beautiful places I have visited. I look forward to the opportunity of traveling more, once I graduate.

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