Monday, February 05, 2007

Design Team - 5 Things

Hi Everyone-

I am continuing to introduce you to CCCOnline "office" staff. This week you get to read about the design team. The design team is coordinated by Cheryl Comstock. Full-time designers are Aaron Leonard and Mary Cash. We've also talked Amy Sorenson and Marge Vorndam into joining the team on a part-time basis. Kathy Miles is technically in charge of special projects, but that seems to mean mostly design team activities. And last, Beth Kitts is our in-house flash programmer.

Today I'd like to introduce you to Mary Cash. Mary joined the CCCOnline team back when we were an eCollege shop. Kathy Miles brought Mary to CCCOnline both as English faculty and as a course designer and faculty support just before we began the move to WebCT CE. Since then Mary has continues to design courses, spent some time as ENG faculty, and has been the primary developer of the learning object repository. The snowy picture is the view from her deck! Here's what Mary has to say:

Five things:

  1. I was born and raised in Pueblo. My husband is also from Pueblo (we went to rival high schools); we met during college while working at a restaurant called Hobo Joes, but didn’t get married until around 10 years later (long and complicated story).
  2. I have fraternal twin girls who are freshmen at Conifer High School. Our zoo family includes an aging dog, an even older cat, a nippy love bird, two guinea pigs, two Russian Tortoises, and 7 fish (had 8 but one recently went to the fishbowl in the sky). Kind of hard to do a group pet photo shot, so here’s a picture of Kathy (left) and Marie (right) instead.
  3. I’m one of those perpetual student types, so I have BAs in Psychology and Journalism from the University of Northern Colorado, a bunch of undergrad business courses, an MA in English Studies from the University of Minnesota-Duluth, and a Masters in Library Science from Southern Connecticut State University (got the last one all online). I will say that the last round (MLS) rather did me in and I don’t seem to have any more urges to obtain more degrees. I would, however, take a class, if someone offered it, on how to avoid aphids and whiteflies in the greenhouse!
  4. Before I became a designer, I taught college composition for 13 years. Now that I’ve recovered from paper-grading burnout, I keep getting urges to do it againJ
  5. We live at 8,450 feet between Conifer and Bailey off Highway 285. This was my view off of our deck right around Christmas. True Fact: My 4Runner’s been in 4-wheel drive for at least part of my drive every day since that snow before Christmas!! (and to think!! I moved home from Duluth all those years ago because of the cold and snow!! What was I thinking??)

  6. Kathy and Marie


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