Monday, February 19, 2007

Welcome to Teaching-Blog Carnival w/ Dr. Liz Kleinfeld

Dr. Liz Kleinfeld is an English faculty at Red Rocks Community College, is a blogger, has used student blogs in her courses, and is also participating in an event known as a teaching-blog carnival.

I had heard Liz present at last year's Telecoop conference about blog carnivals and was really interested in knowing more about how they worked. I learned from her blog she was going to participate in a teaching-blog carnival.

Having observed the a large amount of enthusiasm for teaching practices with CCCOnline faculty, I asked if she would be willing to be interviewed.

So here it is, with Liz explaining what a teaching-blog carnival is, and how she got involved in the event. A link for the carnival she is hosting appears at the end of this post, as does the site that lists former blog carnivals, and an invite for any of you who might be interested in doing the same!

Gabcast! Mo Co Zone #7 - Teaching Blog Carnival: An Interview w/ Dr. Liz Kleinfeld

Dr. Liz Kleinfeld, English Faculty, talks about her participation in a teaching-blog carnival.

Link to Teaching-Blog Carnival #20 (hosted by Liz)

Link to Teaching-Blog Carnival Site:

PS. This weekend, Liz shared that it took her about 8 hours to prepare Blog Carnival #20.

Notes about the audio -- Here is one of my early attempts with audio formats, so I appreciate your patience with the learning curve. I do want to thank Rick Hadley for helping me "clean up" the file quality. I get better volume when I play the file through my mp3 software.
Another option might be to download the file to your desktop to see if you get better volume.



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