Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Open Content Resource Now Available to Faculty

Dear Faculty,
CCCOnline is proud to be part of a growing online community called the NROC Network. The members of this non-profit organization are working together to support the continuous improvement of online content and instruction. CCCOnline has joined NROC at the institutional level, which means we have full access to the NROC content and community. Part of NROC is truly open content (meaning it's freely available to the world) at Our institutional membership means we also get "back-end" access to all the materials, which we can place directly in our courses rather than linking out to them. In addition, we have access to instructor guides and other related assets not available at the public website.

Other membership benefits include links to rich media content in a searchable database called FLORA (Faculty Learning Object Repository Access), downloadable media content for iPods, opportunities for collaborative course development, as well as articles and columns. Below are instructions on how to access the "Members Only" NROC resources.

Please use the "key" provided below to join the NROC Network. Once you have joined, be sure to look around the "What's New" page and check out the "Getting Started" information to learn more about using the Network.

Next, press the "Join" button to apply for membership. As a member, you will be permitted to login and participate in the community. It may take up to 24 hours after joining until you have complete access at the “Institutional Member” level. NROC has a complete list of CCCOnline faculty e-mail addresses, which they will use to validate your membership.

Please take a few moments to join, and check out the site. They really do have some excellent content that you may find useful for your courses, and that meet our standard course outcomes. And if you find something you want to use, and need help, let us know. The design team can help you decide how best to integrate it. Any questions, let me know at


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