Thursday, February 15, 2007

Update on Vista Issues

I know several of you have continued to experience issues/bugs in Vista this semester. Here's an update from David about where those issues are in terms of support:

New Discussions Icon – Not working for some faculty; shows all discussions as new. This seems to be a java issue for many but solutions not complete for all faculty. Not a BB issue as far as we can tell. (Sorry everyone). We (David and Rick) have been working with faculty individually to resolve.

Non-course Calendar entries - We are contacting BB about why this is occurring. Work-around is to use the Course Only View to filter out extraneous information.

Student Menu Missing in Student View - (Can test with jenny also). Change Course Menu settings to Horizontal only if Menu is not showing for students.

No Create Printable Icon - No immediate fix available. Work-around: If BB can not repair the five courses affected, the courses may have to be rebuilt before the next term. Work-around: In Firefox, you can put the cursor on the page to be printed and use the right mouse menu to This Frame / Open Frame in new window / then use the File / Print menu to print out. In IE, you can use the File / Print Preview choice and then choose “Only the selected Frame” to make the print.

Annoucement Tool - tool produces random coding in the finished message if the text editor is used. Use the HTML editor and type your message there.

Assignment Drop Box - In the Assignment Dropbox, under the Submitted Tab, the “Assigned To” sort does not list alphabetically. It will be fixed in future application upgrades.

Search Tool - Search Tool returns a message of “no results” when there should be results. This is being assessed by BB Development. No work around.

Email forwarding - does not work. The tool has been turned off at the Institution level. Blackboard is actively investigating this and will try to provide an early solution.

We (David and Lisa, sometimes more) have a monthly conference call (down from weekly) with BB support, hosting, and product development to go over these and other issues. When dealing with bugs in the product BB decides whether the issue belongs in a hot fix or in a future service pack. The decision is based on the severity of the problem for the client and the complexity of the problem. BB has doubled the size of the staff assigned to maintenance of the Vista product as compared to last summer. We continue to emphasize that rapid and frequent communication between us and support is critical to our ongoing relationship.

While it may sometimes feel like no one is looking into these issues, David, in particular, is spending most of his time on them. :^)


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