Friday, August 18, 2006

And more ahead!

We are at 8,133 total enrollments for fall this year and we had 7,563 on this date last year. For Fall session 1, we are at 7,112 enrollments. We were at 6,491 enrollments last year on this date for session 1. For session 2 this year, we are at 1,021 enrollments and we had 1,072 last year on this date.

That's up about 9%.

The tricky part here is that the colleges have not done a purge for non-payment and are not planning on doing one this year. That means some of those students are folks who have signed up for classes they aren't really planning on taking and are assuming they will be purged. We will ask you to remind students this fall that they need to be sure to pay their tuition bill, since they won't get that reminder from the colleges.

Still -- it's looking pretty good today! And I do expect fall 2 to be very very large.


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