Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Today's Enrollments

Here are the numbers for today:

We are at 4,686 total enrollments. Last year on this date we had 5,348 enrollments.

That leaves us down 662 enrollments or 14%. I am forecasting flat for fall 1 and some growth for fall 2. Of course enrollment is uneven across classes and programs - for example courses which are pre-requisites for health professions are generally up, not down. For a complete copy of the enrollment picture please email your program chair.

Pike's Peak Community college and one or two others slid their fall start date a week, leaving it matching ours (we can't start any later because we run into Christmas break). That means any students closed out of classes offered at PPCC will need to take our fall 2 courses. Between that and college personnel and students just figuring out the new registration system I expect to see a lot of fall 2 enrollments.


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