Sunday, August 27, 2006

Odd Happenings in Courses

Hi All-

Over the weekend we've had a couple of odd things happen in Vista courses. We have at least one course with a welcome announcement popping up that the instructor didn't write. The My CCCOnline page also has calendar entries from BIO 111 no matter what whether you are enrolled in that class or not. (And the calendar tool is still turned off.....)

We're working on figuring out what is causing both of those issues. Please email if you have an unexpected welcome message popping up in your class. I think the BIO piece on the MyCCCOnline page is there for almost everyone, so don't bother emailing on that one.

Last there is the matter of names -- everyone's name is coming from Banner and what Banner has in its database is your legal name (from your social security card). Many of us (including me) don't use that name and are frustrated by the inability to change it for students. As soon as you try to change a student's name in Vista to the name they want to be called you will be frustrated by your inability to do that also. We're working on a solution for this also -- don't hold your breath though because it's fairly far down in the que. Bugs the heck out of me, but I swore I wouldn't hassle IT about this one.

Keep an eye out for other odd happenings in your classes and let your VV know if you see any. We expect more, but hope for none.

Now aren't you folks who didn't get to move to Vista this semester really, really sad? :^)

Get ready, get set, .......



Chris Dugan said...

I have a somewhat different name-related problem. Whenever I post to my BIO202C13 section it identifies my message as authored by Cheryl Comstock. Oddly enough, this problem only exists in my C13 section, not my C18 section, despite the fact that the latter is duped from the former.

Lisa Cheney-Steen said...

In CE you can fix this by going to course settings and then changing the instructor's name. Please don't everyone make yous Micky Mouse now. :^)