Thursday, August 24, 2006

Student Rosters with Email Addresses

Hi Everyone-

We are still sharing students out over course sections and expect to continue to this process through Sunday night, thus we won't be able to load students into your course shells until Monday morning. Because we won't have accurate rosters for each section until the student load process runs Monday morning you won't have external email addresses for your students until then.

I know many of you send out welcome emails the weekend before classes start - unfortunately those will have to be delayed until Monday afternoon.

We are still planning on opening classes at noon on Monday, but that is not absolutely guaranteed at this point. Student services personnel are moving each student, one at a time, into the correct section, then checking to see that the overall section is balanced, then making any adjustments needed. We may not have the section enrollments as perfectly balanced as usual this fall because of all the hand work involved.

It's been an interesting last few weeks. Thanks to all of you for all of your patience!



Janice said...

Hi, Lisa,

I notice that the Fall term is not an option on CCC's Web4Faculty site. Are we no longer using Web4Fac this term to access student enrollment lists, send external email to students, etc.?


Lisa Cheney-Steen said...

We are not -- Web4Faculty has been replaced by Banner, the new student information system, HR, and financial information system.

Right now no one is able to get rosters wit email addresses from Banner. David Chatham and his team have figured out a way to pull the data directly and will email you with a list of student names and email addresses once we get past this first week of classes.

Janice said...

OK--thanks for the info, Lisa.