Monday, August 28, 2006

Classes Delayed 24 Hours

Hi Everyone -

The following message went out to students this morning:

Courses Begin Tuesday at Noon (MT)

August 29 First Day of Class
The first day of class has been moved from Monday to Tuesday, because of data issues. CCCOnline is using this extra day to ensure that all students are in their correct online courses.

The Colorado Community College System (All 13 Colorado State Community Colleges) is still in the process of moving to a new student information database. Information coming from this new database continues to have incorrect data. However, CCCOnline is working to get this issue resolved and we expect to receive correct data in time for courses to begin on Tuesday, August 29th at Noon (Mountain Time).

The basic issue has been pulling the dropped student information from the new student information system (Banner). We initially enroll all of our students in section C11, then drop them from that section and move them to the other sections. Without the drop data all students are still in C11 as well as the correct section. That might cause a *challenging* situation for everyone teaching a C11 section (CE and Vista), so we've moved our start date to tomorrow to clean it up.

Stay tuned for updates.



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