Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Today's Plan

Hi Everyone-
We think we have a good file to upload into Vista and CE today. The current plan (not to be confused with whatever we actually end up doing) is to go ahead and upload that around 10:00. As soon as we upload the file students will have access to the classes, so we didn't want to try this last night when we didn't have any student services support staff on duty. We also think we have the password problem corrected. Keep in mind though that the beta test and the alpha test have been compressed into one - when we do something live we are also doing this for the first time. (Anyone mentioning best practice for this sort of thing to David deserves whatever happens to them. :^))
I expect the week will continue to be *interesting* even after we open the doors this morning, so please continue to think patient and positive thoughts.
The bright side: the longer we take to open the more likely it is that your students will have their textbooks.

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