Wednesday, August 30, 2006

End of Day 2

Hi Everyone-

We've made it past the first two days of classes now and I think the student support folks are still alive. One of the DL administrators at a college described opening day there as a tidal wave. We might have had a tsunami. The majority of the issues are the same ones we always see -- students who don't know what their UserNames or PINs are. There are just more of them as everyone had to get a new one this fall.

On top of the login issues Vista has been dog slow. It's been especially slow at odd times, such as 8:00 to 9:00 last night. David Chatham is researching this along with WebCT's support team. No one has an answer yet, although we have ruled out the student files we are running. I hope to be able to update you tomorrow. Meanwhile, I am sorry, I know it makes everything else more difficult. Once again those of you still on CE got the better end of the deal. :^)

We also managed to get a couple of hours of planning in on the faculty conference this fall - I hope everyone has that date (September 22nd) on your schedule. It's going to be a great time! Alice Bedard-Voorhees has some really good sessions planned on topics from Vista Voodoo to digital content. And then of course there are the discipline meetings -- it's a great chance to meet and talk with your fellow faculty. The registration form will be up and available in days.


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