Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Logins, URLs, due dates, etc.

Hi Everyone-

First of all, we have more enrollments today than we did on this same day last year! So I hope most of you have as many sections to teach as you wanted to have.

For folks teaching in CE:

You should see your classes by now. Remember to log in between terms you need to go to http://instructors.ccconline.org. The other big change is that you have to use your S# and new password from Banner. You should have received an email with that information. If you didn't please email Jonathan.Fuller@cccs.edu for help.

For technical support this term please email profhelp@cccs.edu as usual.

For folks teaching in Vista:

Probably you see your classes, but we still have a few laggards. Today is the deadline for finishing those, so by tomorrow you should have your course. You also use your S#to log in; email Jonathan.Fuller@cccs.edu if you don't have that. To log in go to http://cccs.blackboard.com and click on CCCOnline.

For technical support please turn first to your Vista Volunteer. Your chair should have introduced you to whomever that is by now and made sure your have contact information for them. Please email your chair right away if you don't know who your VV is. Your VV has gone through some extra training and was part of the Vista pilot this summer. They are ready and waiting to help you with everything you need! (Applause for the VV's here!)

We just turned the calendar tool off (in Vista). It was showing every student every due date, whether they were registered for a course or not. Rick Hadley is trying to fix that. If he can we will turn it back on again. Meanwhile we thought it was too confusing, so turned it off. Sorry!

For Everyone:

We know we have been running behind this fall, so understand if you can't have your syllabus and schedule updated by Thursday. You still have to have them current by Sunday night, but we won't knock anyone off of matrix 2 if they are running a little behind also.

It is going to be a challenging start to the semester on Monday, so please be prepared with an extra helping or three of patience.


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