Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Note for Vista faculty -- Subscribed files

Hi Everyone-

I forgot to mention that the files for your schedule and syllabus may be "subscribed". That means they are linked to a template and you can't change them. Before you change them you have to unsubscribe. That copies them down into the course and makes them your personal files.

I am trying to go through classes and do this for folks, but I am sure I will miss a few.

To unsubscribe a file:

1) Click on File Manager
2) Your syllabus and schedule pages are probably in the course information folder, so click there.
3) Click on the little drop down menu beside the file
4) Click on unsubscribe
5) It asks you if you are sure -- you are. :^)

If there is a little green icon next to your file name, then that file is subscribed. The subscription concept is kind of neat for things in our courses that we share over multiple sections and/or multiple faculty, but it adds a little complexity also.


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Terry said...

Hi Lisa, I am going to try this tonight. I think! Terry