Monday, August 07, 2006

Duping Courses -- from David Chatham, Dean of Academic Technology


Vista brings a different process for creating and duplicating sections for you. The process of getting access to Fall sections is as follows:

  1. Chairs submit requests
  2. Student Services assigns section to instructor in Banner
  3. Designers, in consultation with faculty, confirm that the Course Template is ready for use.
  4. Academic Technology links the new template to the sections
  5. We pick up Banner data run to show the section assignment from step 2.

There is a lot of work right now going on for even these steps to occur. On Monday (Aug 7), we plan to upload the faculty ID’s to our CCCOnline institution. We will make sure that all sections that are actually ready are assigned to the instructor (the process which gives you access to the courses). I plan to communicate with the chair regularly as far as what sections are available in Vista. They would be the best source for this or you can simply login to Vista ( to see what is ready. If you happen to login and there isn’t an actual course there with content, then the section hasn’t yet been processed. Please do not feel that you need to do anything. Contact your chair for information on timeline.

IMPORTANT: If you are teaching multiple sections of one course, you may update the first one and leave the others for us to copy. We are using a Template system this semester, so if you get one section completely ready and let your chair know, the Chair can have the others duplicated as a copy of the finished one, completing the process. This way you only have to get one section ready. If you are only teaching one section, then you simply make the changes in that section. This is similar to what we have done in CE.

Access to all Fall courses will be with Banner ID’s and passwords in both Vista and Campus Edition.

Campus Edition:

These sections will be created as requested by your Department Chairs. There have been some delays, due to the department reorganization and the software not cooperating with these changes. That has been remedied and sections should be coming soon for all.

Access to all Campus Edition sections will be under the Banner ID’s and passwords. Rather, the courses will not show up under the old firstname,lastname login we have used for summer. The old logins will be left alone for access to Summer courses and any training or other projects that began before August 1. Training started after August 1 will only use the Banner ID and password. Your Banner ID and information about your password has been emailed individually to each CCCOnline instructor. If you did not received this information, contact or

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