Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A little more troubleshooting...

Hi Everyone -

Below is the text of an email I sent to distance learning folks around the system re student support issues. John Schmahl has sent roughly the same email to students. So.... please be patient with students who are late getting into your classes this semester. There is a lot of confusion out there.

"Our call and email volume from students is about twice what it normally is at this time. The major issues are as follows:
  1. About 20% of calls are from session 2 students. They just need to be reminded that they cannot access their courses until October.
  2. The bulk of calls are from using the incorrect UserID -- using the old version.
  3. The majority of the remainder are students who have been bumped out to the Vista entry page with the list of colleges ( and choose their home college instead of CCCOnline and then don't see any courses. You'll need to tell them to choose "Colorado Community Colleges Online", which most students don't seem to interpret as CCCOnline.
We are missing fewer than 200 students, so we are close there. We also have a few studnets who can login, but don't see all of their courses-- send those directly to"

Passwords have also been *challenging*. We get the password information from the new student information system, Banner. This is true for you (faculty) also. If you change your password in Banner that change will eventually flow through to Vista. Right now it is taking us 36 to 48 hours from when you (or a student) changed your password in Banner to make the equivalent change in Vista. So if you have changed your password keep a note of the old one for awhile.


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